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Download Autumn Lunch Menu's

A varied and nutritionally balanced diet is essential to every child’s development and active participation during their time at nursery and at home. Children attending a full day at our nurseries will enjoy breakfast, morning and afternoon snack, a hot lunch with pudding and a light tea.

  • Seasonal Produce 
  • A time to chat
  • Every child's an individual
  • Tasty treats

Seasonal Produce
All our meals reflect seasonal produce and are prepared daily with ingredients selected for their absolute freshness and quality. By always focusing on ‘fresh is best’, our fully trained Chef ensures fantastic delicious meals which meet our strict health and hygiene policies and procedures.

A time to chat
Meals are served ‘family style’ where the children are encouraged to socialise with their friends and carers. Our Open Door policy means family members are always welcome to join us.

Every child is an individual
In addition to milk or water at meal times, drinking water is always available throughout the day. Our preschool children enjoy accessing their springwater dispensers while our toddlers develop their independence by choosing their own cups and our baby’s enjoy one to one care from their Key Person. This personalised approach ensures our staff support you and your baby when your baby develops from milk to pureed, finely chopped, chopped or normal foods. Our delicious meals and positive approach to meal times ensure any child’s eating habits are encouraged with patience, understanding and a lot of encouragement. 

We celebrate and value diversity with exciting menu’s which reflect each individual child’s requirements (allergies, intolerances, religion and culture)

Tasty treats
Our commitment and approach to your child’s learning values their participation, experimentation and decision making. Therefore, cooking and tasting experiences where children regularly experiment with new textures, colours and smells as they mix, pour and measure ingredients form part of our early childhood curriculum.

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