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The contribution a family can make towards their child’s development whilst they are at nursery is always greatly welcomed and fundamental in ensuring the best outcomes for children. We work in partnership with parents to meet the needs of the children within our care. We very much see ourselves as an extended part of the child’s family and encourage parents to get as involved as possible.


We strongly believe parents are children’s foremost educators and we aim to support you within this role. Your knowledge of your child’s interests and unique character is essential for us to provide your child with the best possible experience at nursery. During the settling process you are asked to share detailed information with your child’s key person about them as an individual including what they are involved in or enjoy outside of nursery. Our partnership with you allows a two way working relationship, we are able to extend on your child’s experiences and learning from outside of the setting and we equally encourage and support you in extending on learning which has ignited within nursery.


We value your views and utilize questionnaires, strong relationships, parent consultations, parent workshops and feedback forms to gather these regularly. Our experience tells us just how valuable our family’s involvement is, through reflection we are alert to the positive impact this has on our children.

Tapestry (Learning Journey's)

Upon starting their time with us at Halesworth Day Nursery your child will be allocated a key person who will be working very closely with you as a family during the settling in process. Constructing a learning journey for your child will form a part of this process and will be continued until they leave us to experience their next step in education when it will be shared as part of the transition process. We invest in an online secure system called ‘Tapestry’ to record your child’s individual learning journey and actively invite you to add observations, experiences, interests and key events from home. It will be used as a communication tool between you as parents and your child’s key person to share progress, next steps in learning and information/dates for you to engage in nursery life.


Halesworth Day Nursery builds strong and trusting relationships with our parents and act as a firm support during the most challenging phases. We are honoured by the trust parents demonstrate when reaching out to us for support and we actively encourage them to do so. Parenting can feel like an overwhelming task at times and we encourage our families to support one another, offering opportunities for parents to come into nursery where they can not only play an active role in their child’s learning but also gain from the opportunity to share experiences with each other.


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Parent Workshops And Sessions

With the aim of educating parents we provide opportunities throughout the year for you to engage in various workshop and play sessions hosted within nursery. These focus on how to support your child during their early education and are often planned for in response to parental need.


Below are some examples of workshops/sessions on offer:

  • Makaton
  • Pre-School Literacy
  • Story Sessions
  • Music Sessions

Makaton is a unique language programme that we use in nursery - it uses symbols, signs and speech to enable people to communicate. It supports the development of essential communication skills such as attention and listening, comprehension, memory, recall and organisation of language and expression.

This workshop focuses on the importance of Early Literacy skills, recognising that the development of speaking and listening skills and physical development paves the way for Reading and Writing. We invite our parents in to hear about the many methods we use support children in developing these key skills. We hope to give parents the knowledge and understanding they need to support their child’s learning as they develop and give parents the opportunity to gain answers to any questions or worries you may have as your child approaches school.

On allocated dates we invite parents and children to dress in their pyjamas and come into nursery to indulge in hot chocolate, homemade biscuits and story-telling. We focus on the value of sharing stories and how this impacts on children’s learning.

Our Baby Room host a short music session every morning 9:15-9:45 which is available to all family members. Arnold the Owl and our skilled practitioners lead a fun and engaging session which captures children’s interest, giving them opportunities to explore sounds, rhythm and movement. This also offers an additional opportunity for children who are soon due to begin their sessions at nursery to come in and become more familiar with the environment, contributing a successful and smooth settling process.

Nursery Book Hub

We aim to inspire and promote a love of reading within our nursery community and from this aim our ‘Nursery Book Hub’ was born. Children, parent’s/carer’s and their families are invited to donate books for all ages, inclusive of adults, and are all encouraged to take books away to enjoy at home. Books are a window to the world, they profoundly aid the development of language, nurture wellbeing, build focus and concentration and develop imagination – it is essential that we help children to develop a life long love of reading for future success and happiness. 

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