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Parent’s Guide

Family Involvement Charter

Relationships lie at the heart of our mission statement. These relationships are in partnership with families and emphasise reciprocity through mutual trust and respect. The strength and success of our nursery, and our children, is largely dependent on the continual commitment and involvement of every family. We ask families to support their children by actively contributing to the construction of the nursery’s culture and community. We ask families to commit through:

Discussion, Active Participation and Success


Informal and formal discussions is the life of our nursery. It is a meeting place where discussions and ideas are exchanged between families, staff and children. Families are asked to share information with staff to jointly discuss and determine their child’s developmental progress. 

This environment supports us to collectively deepen our knowledge of care and education.

Time, and the ability to listen, is valued and set aside by the nursery for families to talk with children, with staff and other families. This open dialogue between the nursery and family is crucial in understanding family culture, and therefore, the nursery's ability to support each family's holistic needs. Families are encouraged to provide information pertinent to the social and cultural interests of the nursery community.

Active Participation

The nursery's expectation of a family's participation is dependent on their family life and other professional and personal commitments.

Active participation is a shared responsibility between the nursery and the family.  Relationships develop between the nursery and family prior to and during their first days of settling. Families are encouraged to support the nursery in developing an ‘image’ of their child. This image is reflected by information gathered through meetings, photographs and other stimulus.

Families must recognise they are contributors to nursery services as well as receivers. We welcome families to join as well as support staff in organising programs.

Celebrations are held throughout the year to develop pride and enthusiasm within the nursery and to heighten the uniqueness of the relationships which exist. Families are actively encouraged to participate to the annual nursery outings, festivals, open days, fund raising events etc.

Each child is regarded as competent and successful, with the power to shape the process and outcomes of their decisions. They have the ability to influence their environment and view themselves as contributing members of society.
To respect and value each child’s success we regularly ask families to talk with and facilitate their child’s current nursery projects and daily experiences.

Key Person Approach

At Halesworth Day Nursery, our staff pride themselves on knowing the special things about your child. The music they sing and dance to, their favourite story book, the sparkle in their eye, their contagious giggle, when to hold their hand and the special cuddle that makes them always feel cherished.

Knowing your child also means knowing you and your family – the special days you celebrate, the family meal that has passed down through generations, what worries you and what comforts you, the relationships which you hold dear.   
The partnership with your child’s Key Person takes place prior to your initial settling in session when your Key Person discusses your first visit with you. This special relationship is nurtured as your child’s Key Person jointly co-ordinates your child’s care and educational requirements by taking time with you to share ideas, listen to you and your child’s thoughts and reflect on your child’s specific requirements.

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