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Nurseries News Round-Up – Week 83

Your weekly round-up of news from around our wonderful Golden Apples Family nurseries is here!


The Beacon, Rendlesham

The Toddlers have been creating menus to go in our kitchen. They selected the food images they wanted from magazines before sticking them onto their cards. 

During the activity, we spoke about healthy eating and which of the foods were everyday healthy foods – and the benefits of eating these.


The Appletree, Attleborough

Huge thanks to Rachel and Neil from NR Medical Training who came into Appletree and talked to our children about basic first aid.

We have had a wonderful morning learning about the recovery position, bandages, stethoscopes and what to do when someone is hurt. 

The children were so well behaved – we are so proud of them all for sitting, listening and joining in like total superstars.

One of the best ways to teach young children simple first aid is through scenarios and role play. 

Rachel and Neil did exactly this by keeping it light-hearted and not super scary. 

They did a great job of explaining everything and then asking the children what to do – and the children leapt straight in, joining in and learning through their play.

Afterwards, they enjoyed lots of themed colouring sheets. 


The Ark, Watton

We have been doing lots of work on numbers and have been using blocks to support our counting.

Each time we placed a block we would count it to practice counting in sequence. Numbers are lots of fun!


The Cornerstone, Martlesham

We cut paper plates in half, put dots on one side and the number of dots on the other side. 

The children had to count all of the dots and find the correct number to match!


Halesworth Day Nursery, Halesworth

We had an awesome soft play morning in the Meerkat Room. The children showed us their balancing and jumping skills!


Woodbridge Day Nursery, Woodbridge

We learnt all about penguins recently for Penguin Awareness Day – this was the perfect opportunity to practise our colouring.


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