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At Halesworth Day Nursery, we deliver the highest standards of Care & Education for all children who attend our setting. Our practice is delivered in accordance with a statutory framework called the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) which was established by the Department for Children, Schools and Families (formerly the Department for Education and Skills). The EYFS sets the standards for Learning, Development and Care for children aged from birth to five - and just like other day nurseries, pre-schools and childminders we are required to deliver the EYFS Framework.
Our nursery days are structured with the ability to be flexible, we offer children choice in a variety of ways which encourages confidence and independence from an early age. All children are unique individuals and our staff ensure that they are well supported to maximise the learning opportunities which they create for themselves. Our children learn through play and new experiences, staff plan for the correct balance of child initiated and adult led activities according to their age and stage of development. 
Our staff are by far the most important resource in our nursery and we are aware of the impact they have on shaping and influencing a child’s progression. We always work to ensure our staff are as happy as they can be and that they enjoy their day as much as the children in our care do. We understand how important it is to children and parents to have strong and trusting relationships with consistent carers.
The whole team have access to ongoing internal and external training to ensure they are constantly updating their knowledge of the best childcare practices. .
Our nursery environments ensure that activities and resources support children to achieve within all areas of learning- The Prime areas = Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development and Communication and Language / The Specific areas (which come into focus as children begin to reach the age of two) = Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive arts and design. 
In rooms where children can understand their environment, areas are separated and labelled through pictures and text. Many areas inter-link, e.g. role play and mark making areas work well together and staff review their environments regularly to ensure the children are getting the best out of this.  The outdoor environments not only consider the physical development of children but ensure that all areas of learning are being supported through a variety of resources and activities. 
We also encourage parental involvment when adapting our environment to continually meet children's needs by asking you to contribute photos, pictures and even add unwanted familiar objects from the home environment.

Planning and Observations
All children who attend our nursery have one Key Person who is primarily responsible for supporting their key children during their time at nursery, in particular key carers support their key children through the settling in process, form an initial attachment and monitor their learning and development through the completion of a learning journey. Staff work as a close team to observe children’s learning, achievements and interests and use these to plan for further learning opportunities.  
To ensure opportunities are being offered in all areas of learning, our staff also complete a medium term plan highlighting areas of learning which need to be further planned for and considered. Children’s long term needs are met through recording and assessing on their individual Learning Journeys.
Family Involvement 
The contribution a family can make towards their child’s development whilst they are at nursery is always greatly welcomed and fundamental in ensuring we work in partnership with parents to meet the needs of the children within our care. We very much see ourselves as an extended part of the child’s family and encourage parents to get as involved as possible. 
We believe parents are children's foremost educators and we aim to support you within this role. Your knowledge of your child's interests and unique character is essential for us to provide your child with the best possible experience at nursery. During the induction process you are given the opportunity to submit information to your child’s key person about them as an individual including what they are involved in or enjoy outside of nursery. Our partnership with you allows a two way working relationship, we are able to extend on your child's experiences and learning from outside of the setting and we equally encourage and support you in extending on learning opportunities which have ignited within nursery. 

We look forward to welcoming you into our nursery community to experience how we provide the highest standards of care and education! 

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