Terms & Conditions

    • I/We agree to cooperate with Halesworth Day Nursery and provide all required information relating to my/our child.
      Such as updated medical conditions, allergies or diagnosed dietary requirements, changes in family circumstances which might affect my child’s welfare, any concerns that might affect your child’s safety, changes to your contact details and authorised people that may collect your child.


    • I/We agree to pay fees within 7 days of receiving my/our child’s invoice.
      Invoices are prepared and forwarded onto parents during the final week of the preceding month.


    • I/ We agree to pay full fees in the event children are unable to attend nursery due to illness or injury whether the absence is my/our decision or as a result of Halesworth Day Nursery policies or procedures.
      Alternative sessions will not be offered in these circumstances.


    • I/We understand that fees are reviewed annually and subject to change.
      Halesworth Day Nursery will give a minimum of one months’ notice prior to any changes to our fee structure.


    • I/We agree to give one month written notice before withdrawing my child from Halesworth Day Nursery.


    • I/We understand that my/our child is entitled to 4 weeks holiday per year, these need to be booked with a minimum of 4 weeks’ notice and will be charged at half rate.


    • Halesworth Day Nursery does not offer holiday entitlement for term time only contracts or on funded sessions.


    • I/We understand that bank/public holidays are included in my child’s holiday allowance and therefore will be charged at half rate.


    • Halesworth Day Nursery closes during the Christmas period, I/we understand that sessions during this period will be charged at half rate.


    • On the rare occasions that Halesworth Day Nursery closes due to electrical or heating failures missed sessions will be refunded on your child’s next monthly invoice.


    • On the rare occasions that Halesworth Day Nursery closes due to adverse weather conditions missed sessions will not be refunded.


    • Halesworth Day Nursery offers the option to swap sessions subject to availability and with a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice.


    • Halesworth Day Nursery has an obligation to report to relevant authorities following Suffolk Safeguarding Children’s Board’s (SSCB) procedures. We may do this without your knowledge or consent if necessary.


    • Halesworth Day Nursery are not liable for any loss or damage to any toys, equipment, bags or clothing that you bring to nursery.

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